Thinking about Unlimited Future, a great UK group with a challenge prize competition for social and environmentally focused social entrepreneurs, or #Socents. Startups looking at big problems. We want to get people smart in those businesses. They can become investable and have a catalytic difference on the whole system, people and planet, poverty and ecology linked. That’s what the biosphere economy is, the symbiotic economy we are calling it some of the time; how things live together, with people, so we can survive and thrive on the planet.

Socents solving multidimensional problems that have an environmental and a positive social approach, linking them for greater success for investors, and people who produce a product and people who consume it, and doing skills transfer on forestry and forest products, furniture, etc. from Southern Appalachians to Mexico, Central America and the Andes region, selling carbon and ecosystem services, selling linked international systems (partially finished furniture using tropical woods exported in a skills sharing partnership with Southern Appalachian fine wood craftsmen. The result is creating blended value that shows up on the balance sheet but also shows up in a creative area with better music and more interesting bars and shopping, and a safe place for a kid to go two blocks and buy a popsicle from an ice cream truck, knowing that people know who she is and are watching out for her.

That’s what Unlimited Future is looking for, and what the Biosphere Innovation System in Lake Vanern, Sweden is also trying to make happen.