We are trying to understand the role of capacity building/feeding the commons within and alongside a for profit business that wants to have a catalytic impact, at the right leverage point, in a system like forestry and forest products. Our long term fund could fund some of that if it had a financial return within a reasonable horizon. What the parameters of that are, how much we need to shepherd our portfolio companies toward focusing on growth and profits, and scaling, or growing larger at progressively lower cost and higher positive social and environmental impact, and how much we put into building the entire economic and environmental and social ecosystem, including land and resources that are not within the explicit market system, is something we are still working out.

We want to invest in businesses that have a positive impact on the commons. at what cost? That last question is the one we are not sure about yet. What burden of the commons should a for profit business bear if it is truly in it for the long term? And what about investors who need to get their money out, over time, at a reasonable return? We could invest in family businesses if we pull this off, and also co invest, at least, with tribes if we do this well and manage relationships appropriately, within a long time horizon, harvesting, not chopping down the apple trees. Assuming there are investors who like our emerging thesis.