In my experience that is the dumbest thing any startup ever says. Kiva works. Be like Kiva, but local, maybe, but don’t make it a gift. Make it a loan. That ties the “donor/investor” engine of generosity, into a relationship where they want to see where their money goes and how it’s coming back. That’s the genius of Kiva. I’ve known them for six years, and I am a fan. Here is Kiva founder Matt Flannery talking about what they’ve done. I want a Kiva like, not a Kiva kind of like, element in the new fund, as well as a Village Capital element, low cost seed funding via a peer due diligence method within a network that creates intelligent learning loops with others in the VillCap network.

Thinking more, I may also want an Indiegogo element in our new long term fund.