I can imagine it will be a useful brand for the Symbiotic Fund, used on things like clothing made byIndigenous Designs. It’s competitive, but for the Acorns to win, everybody has to be playing a game that lasts for 20 years before you can see who’s winning. I’ve had a GoAcorns varsity letterman’s jacket for more than 10 years. Now we own the domain. A deep message about our fund is to get people to think in long term increments, to join in our view of the future by entrusting their money to us over a long  period of time. So our investors will have to be thinking about what it takes for an Acorn to reach its potential, to fall into the ground, die and emerge in another form. An acorn’s race is a resurrection story, that you would invest your hopes in, and give your money to, and trust your investment for the future dollars to. Invest in the Acorn, make your decisions over the next 20 years make your investment in an acorn pay off. (Substitute appropriate nut for your yard if oaks are not what you want. }Acorns come from a high school in California, and they were embarrassed about their mascots and never made lettermen’s jackets. So I made one.