Below is what Scott Leonard, Indigenous CEO, wrote on Linked in about his Fair Trace Tool, which is a concept that I think has broad utility and deep blended value.

On 02/18/12 8:14 AM, Scott Leonard wrote:
Hello friends and colleagues,

This is an important topic and I wanted to share.
Please take a moment to watch our Fair Trace Tool Video:

We have been focused on finding innovative ways to communicate our pioneering work on fair trade and organic supply chains. We at INDIGENOUS are proud of how our garments are made but our commitment to supply chain improvement goes much deeper than just our own brand. In order to broadcast the impact of fair trade and organic clothing, we are releasing our new Fair Trace Tool™, a mobile-enabled web technology that leads shoppers to information about the ecologically and socially sustainable way their INDIGENOUS garments have been created. But this is more than just a QR code on hang tags that connects to our garment origin via smart phone … this is a way for INDIGENOUS to share best in class practices through traceability and transparency.

INDIGENOUS is looking for other brands and partners to share this platform / technology with that are interested in elevating fair trade and organic standards.

I am reaching out to you because we are interested in partnering on this platform and integrating even more social impact tools, while identifying the best way to communicate social impact metrics and stories to the consumer. This is a driving force behind our Fair Trace Tool™.

We hope to catalyze industry thinking about new ways to measure impact, new ways to collect impact data and new ways to report it to a diverse array of constituents. Together we hope to expose users to new ways of thinking about fair trade, organic and social impact.

Please take a moment to watch our new video about the Fair Trace Tool™, and pass it along to those you think will be interested in what we can build on here.

We see this transparency as part of our commitment to create fashion that honors the people who wear it, and the people who produce it. The Fair Trace Tool™ offers a brand video (, artisan profiles, an origins geographical map and social impact data, including results of artisan workforce surveys.

Yours in collaboration,
Scott Leonard
INDIGENOUS Organic + Fair Trade Fashion