Have seen a mockup from a social entrepreneur of a cool, sms based impact metric tool, that also carries stories and videos from the field, as something we might issue every portfolio company, and then create a media platform of their interrelations, and independent actions. How the cohort does, but measuring its impact and with the same tool, using an interoperable story telling platform for mobile, web, and wherever it goes, and giving the tool to the people “impacted” by the social enterprise, so you just don’t hear the voice of the young people who have left regular careers to go try to change the world, And then link those connections to the consumers at supermarkets and clothing stores and wherever goods from the developing world or from marginalized communities here in the U.S. have retail outlets to penetrate into the more affluent mainstream. We’re selling goods and culture, the production of a people in a particular place, connected by social media, video, in a conversation with the people who own all the stuff, and are relatively better off than most people.

This a Penetrate Danville Strategy, a way to reach people in gated communities to help them consider the relative value of a gate, versus a two way relationship. Tied into cultural tourism from Contra Costa County going on safe, cultural tourism explorations of the new and good stuff that’s happening in Oakland. Like the stuff around Hub Oakland.