i’ve started to think about the potential for services around the traceability tool; the hardware/software mobile platform for metrics and stories. It might be like IBM selling consulting services around how to use their hardware and software that is far higher margin than just the hardware itself. Helping people embed their metrics, for their impact investment fund, or to the IRIS standard if that is their goal, or any other metric set, as well as make sure it’s a flexible, story telling platform, letting people shine their phone on a QR code at the grocery store or at a clothing store and get the numbers, or color coding that give the reassurance, and the stories that give them a deeper connection to their purchase. We would not laden this platform with lending; that’s a single function application, and the mindset behind lending is not that of consumption. Attempts to bring lending and buying into the same space suffer because one is an instant, emotional process and lending is a long term, reflective assessment of risk and reward achieved over time. Both are valuable, but one is not the other. I’d sure want to link to a Kiva app, though, or have a partnership with one if it existed.

Of course there are other traceability tools out there. Here is one from Gaia Herbs, a North Carolina company. Integrating or having the right tool availability from your quiver when you need it would be a key; it would have to change from environmental monitoring to labor reporting easily, linking up partner apps. That kind of ubiquity within a small, manageable range of initial verticals with sufficient demand, would be ideal. I’d love to have it used across a wide portfolio of deep attention of time intensive, mission critical tasks that need reporting to people who’d pay to know the numbers, or who’d like to see and hear and read the story.