This is the first couple of paragraphs of the summary for GoodCap’s next fund, still in R&D mode. 

Good Capital is launching its second investment offering, the People+Planet Holdings (PPH), which represents a new investment approach to building lasting value for people and the planet by increasing social capital and economic resilience in global regions with rich cultural and biodiversity.

The holding company recognizes the unharnessed value that can be realized by businesses with a mission to protect and restore nature and affirm traditional cultures while creating economic opportunities for indigenous, local, and traditionally marginalized populations.  Responding to a growing demand from conscious consumers, impact investors, and environmentalists, PPH targets investment opportunities that have a potential whole-earth return.

The company’s multicultural investment structure creates a cooperative framework that can build bridges between public sector actors, private investors, donors, and impact investors who are eager to invest, for blended value, in revenue-generating businesses which also generate social and environmental impact.

This fund is an outgrowth of the experience gained and lessons learned in the successful Social Enterprise Expansion Fund (SEEF).  Accordingly, PPH will invest not just in U.S.-domiciled fair trade companies sourcing from developing world countries but also directly in the people and places at the “source.”