This is the current state what I am going to say tomorow morning after Natalie Foster, our partner, leads off. This thing has really come together in the past couple of weeks. I am pretty jazzed about it. It’s a first time event, SOCAP has never really tried to sell corporates before. Peers has much better corporate contacts than we do, but we are working on that. We have to figure out how to get corporates into the room. They are the next big valuable stranger, I think. We have good people who understand corporate sales cycles who are working on that, both deep partnerships like that with Randy Haykin’s Gratitude Network and our own Phil Gaskin, a great new hire who is knitting together the three new Northeastern Impact Hubs we’ve opened in Philly, TriBeCa/Soho and DC with our great partner




Anyway, here is tomorrow’s talk.


Why is Socap partnering with peers and focusing on the sharing economy? We impact investors and social entrepreneurs from the social capital markets community share the same values as the people in the sharing economy, though we are strangers to each other, for the most part.


We are attracted to the sharing economy’s values. We are in favor of people not being locked into consumerism, not feeling they have to buy the new thing, but they can share the used thing.


That is a good thing for people and for the planet.


We may have enough if we share it. People who have decided to act like that, to share resources rather than consume new resources, will I think, find that they are natural allies with Impact investors, investors who want to make money by investing in for profit companies that make money and do good.


We are strangers, impact investors and the people in the sharing economy, but we are valuable strangers. We have a lot to learn from each other. There are impact investors, people from the SOCAP world in this room, along with natives of the sharing economy.


We should get to know each other. We have a lot to offer you. We know how to invest in communities, which is what the seller communities are. The air bnb apartment owner and lyft driver who owns her car own the assets. They will have growing power as new startups arise and seek funding. If you own the Marriott chain you own the assets and you can flip it to Starwood. You own the assets. If you are Lyft, Get around, or any other car sharing or physical asset sharing company, you don’t own your assets; your sellers own the assets, the cars and apartment and everything else.


The peers, the people who are driving the growth of the sharing economy are a powerful force especially as they become a community and will become more powerful over time. Investors will have to learn to work with these powerful peers, in a respectful way. I can imagine internal loan pools emerging within lyft drivers or any of the apartment or house sharing startups.


There’s a powerful network that could emerge there, and it, the network of Peers who own the assets, will be a player as it wakes up.



And then there is the environmental impact. We are consuming as if we have fourth earths to extract from . The sharing economy can be a powerful tool as we transition through climate change, the end of cheap oil and manage the risk of financial inclusion in a way that everybody’s assets are safe and we learn to share the world we live in. The tools of collaboration that will emerge from the sharing economy will help us manage for what’s ahead, and be a great opportunity to both make money and do good, empowering people who own the means of production in a marketplace.


Welcome to the Share conference, from an impact investor. That’s why we are here, and we look forward to getting to know you, we impact investors. We hope you come to our SOCAP conference, which brings 2300 people from 70 countries to San Francisco the first week in September. If you are looking for investors who will understand what you are about, the movement side of what this is about as well as the financial reality, get to know us. Come to SOCAP.


And especially if you are working on financial inclusion, on making money reducing the cost of being poor or near poor, using technology and the sharing economy market mechanism. We are looking for you and we have money to invest. We will be also be able to highlight you this Fall in front of the best group of impact investors in the world.  So if you want money and attention and are working the problems our community of impact investors is concerned about, get to know us, the impact investors.

We invest in companies that do good. And make money for everybody, shared in a good way.


Welcome to the Sharing Economy conference, which we, SOCAP, the conference that brings together impact investors and social entrepreneurs, are putting on with our partner Peers. We are glad to start to get to know you and understand you. I hope you feel the same as we get to know each other.