I am just starting to make a list of some of the thinkers and doers we need to touch base with, involve and learn from as we shape and curate the content for Neighborhood Economics. There is Michael Shuman, local economy theorist and practitioner, Michelle Long, who leads Balle, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, as does the group’s founder, Judy Wicks, who I talked to for the first time at the Share conference. Michel Bauwens work on the economy that arises from the commons that uses Netarchy Capital (where the network guides the capital, not the hierarchy) is relevant. We will need to incorporate some of the ideas of David Bollier;  his  thinking  on the commons, into Neighborhood Economics. John Fullerton and Hunter Lovins on Regenerative Capital should be included. Janell Orsi on T Corporations, or coops, as well as Gar Alperovitz on other ownership structures need a place, too. Steve Wright’s on love and money might fit in.  The foundational thinkers we are teeing off of are Walter Brueggeman and Peter Block, talking together. It’s great that Slow Money’s conference is there right before us, and that the  Biodynamic Farming conference is the day after us; people will be thinking deeply about place, and about economy, and how we fit within it, sandwiched between those events.