One of the things with the highest long term potential that I am working on is what I am  calling the Literacies Engine. It will produce a tiny perpetual innovation fund of $5k investments in college students startups focused in the circular economy; reducing waste, carbon foot print, toxic effluent, while also reducing long term cost savings and short term waste handling costs. It should reasonably produce $1.5 million a year through the cost savings of those same entrepreneur cohorts using village capital’s innovative peer due diligence to decide who wins. The hook is that it’s replicable; we can give out $5k to the top startup, selected by the students, every six weeks at each college. And they will also be in a learning network, of other students using the same funds from sorting books for Better World Books and only sending on the ones that will sell.That cost saving will be shared. One fourth of it will go to the Tiny Perpetual Innovation Fund; the $5k to the students for a circular economy selected by peer due diligence. One fourth of the potential $6 million annual savings, to be administered by literacy non profit Reach out and Read for literacies, including indigenous language literacy, entrepreneurial literacy, multicultural literacy, adolescent girls digital literacy as a way to help them find their both and other kinds of literacie. The other half of the savings goes to Better World Books, dropping almost $3 million to the bottom line.

The startups have BWB’s real world supply chain to use as their jungle gym as they try to figure out how to upcycle batteries, phones, mattresses, or who knows what?