His new book is free; I am spending a lot of the day reading it. Coming from managing virtual economies, he understands we deal in myths we collectively agree to in order to make the economy run. He has gamed this crisis probably 20,000 times, virtually, I bet. I consider him an ally and I want to find a way to have him come to SOCAP15 in San Francisco, the first week in October (we’ve move away from nearly overlapping with Burning Man).

Here is the link to Varoufakis free new book, out January 2015. Here is a link to an excerpt from kindle

Here at 11 minutes in, he asks if Germany is going to plunge Europe into darkness for the third time in a centurey.

Here is his first post 2008 book

Here is the activist art project group he leads with his wife

his site
and on digital economies
what are corporations for, a blog at US gaming company Valve