I am starting to work on the kids-led riparian justice #biodiversity bond. It’s the centerpiece, the long term, intergenerational bet that is the centerpiece of the Neighborhood Economics funding kit. I am working on with Nancy White, Christine Egger, Sam Rose and others in cities and small towns across the network. It requires an agriculture or nature based cooperative that throws off reliable, regular dividends to generate the long term reliable fuel to make it work, I think. I’ve called a serious bond guy to work out some concepts and guidelines. I’ve never built a bond. This story is soft and needs a walk around the ecosystem to flesh out if it is to become real.

If it works, this will be a globally distributed, locally situated build; build the node of the bond in your economic bioregion based on your own assets and culture. I like the initial concept. It’s a rollout that will be done by lots of conversations and listening and requires multicultural literacy in order to succeed. It is the center piece on the tarot board for as Charles Williams would have put it in the Neighborhood Economics Funding Kit. It is likely to be the only piece we will build ourselves. It’s the piece that comes out of a donor advised fund that can think with a 12 year time horizon.

David McConville helped me work out how to describe my approach. It’s place-sourcing pattern recognition to buiod regenerative communities across a network.