I’d love to develop a set of cards around the SOCAPLocal three part model. A network of places using the model. This is an idea still in formation. 

Imagine a network of communities putting on their own SOCAPLocal events. They commit to the Community Wealth discovery and analysis tasks; asking four question. What’s working, what’s broken, what’s missing and what’s ready to take off. Having found number four, that group gathers it’s own multidisciplinary stakeholders and becomes the connective tissue in that area that’s ready to take off locally. In Washington,DC that is food systems with access. At the Impact Hub in Belgrade, Serbia, it’s connecting the ecosystem in the region and within the country. In Cincinnatti it was investing in marginalized entrepreneur support, through Mortar and Derrick Braziel and his team.

Other local teams working on the event could connect with the  Runway Project, started by Jessica Norwood of Emerge Change, powered by Neighborhood Economics to work on what’s broken and find a way to help the smartest poor entrepreneurs get into the game.

 Then imagine we create a card deck to walk the SOCAPLocal group working through the process and model of discovery, analysis and action plan  in the run up to their event. It also includes how to do stranger discovery leading to the formation of unlikely allies. That is one thing that SOCAP does as a unique and core methodology; helping you find the local valuable stranger. Your local Samaritans. Help them start businesses and create wealth.

 There is lots of potential for a card deck around the three part analysis, strategy and action plan to create community wealth in your community.  We are likely selling SOCAPLocal as a $5k license to each city that wants to bring the feeling of SOCAP to a wealth creating focused event, that would help local people engage their community to create community wealth, after the event, and be on a peer learning network with the other people using the same analysis, strategy and operations guide we will create. 

We made a set of cards with Dave Gray of Xplane that were really useful for explaining Good Capital back a decade ago. Joy Anderson of Criterion was part of that, as was Tim Freundlich. I didn’t have to use them after I had a couple of portfolio companies to show them, but they would have long term value across the network; people would make up their own cards, and use the cards created by another node on the network of SOCAPLocal cities. 

Network node adaptable playing and tarot type (iconic characters or paths) cards for local community wealth creators to trade and mashup to use in new ways for local needs  could be really cool.

And then people could post new assemblages (winning hands) online on sphaera.world etc. Sphaera needs to enable card kits and card creation. It is magic the gathering deployed across local resilience nodes, used at SocapLocal and networked Neighborhood Economics (the analysis, strategy and action plan is the same).   They could be shared by other network participants at events and shared online through the peer learning network created by the $5k annual SocapLocal (name not yet decided on.) license, which allows you to do an event with the SOCAP brand and be in the network.

We could hold competitions for the best local resilience game created by the cards that each SOCAPLocal creates, with lots of winning categories that are a good taxonomy, and give extra points for Impact Hubs in the network that  actively cooperate with each other on content development and collective impact across the network.

We could hold competitions for the best local resilience game. Your local game is a process picture of your local engagement in the SOCAPLocal three step model, which would be expressed in the cards so each SOCAPLocal event becomes a place to play. And the competition has lots of winning categories that create a good taxonomy. 

We give extra points for Impact Hubs that are Neighborhood Economics nodes riding on the Impact Hub network that actively cooperate with each other on content development and collective impact across the network. This would edge the SOCAPLocal event more toward providing our local host to create a festival around our event and card tournament and competition. Arts and crafts, etc. would abound; it would be a cultural kind of thing. I have no idea how to do that, but setting a magic the gathering card game for local resilience inside the event and as a piece of ongoing community created content I have a hunch thats where it would go. 

It would let us access several potential partners that are not in our network now. For example, Foxfire folks, nature DIY’ers etc. would like it, deep ecology folks might get integrated as valuable strangers with the folks transforming the economy. Building it to enable overlapping networks of valuable strangers that become unlikely allies, using the SOCAP convening methodologies that give our event such an abundant and overflowing feeling, would make this really interesting. This is a network that would make the local polycentric practitioners smarter, faster, and make their work easier. It could have significant influence and even political power. We would be creating smart resilience voters who know how to work together.