Movements happen when people who thought they were alone discover valuable strangers who become unlikely allies. I am flying to Armenia tomorrow to keynote the Impact Investing for Development summit convened by UN development program, bringing together development agencies, sovereign funds from the Nordics, eastern European and middle eastern impact investors to figure out how to work seriously with impact investors, because the reality of climate change and societal risk makes them realize public funds and philanthropic funds are not enough to handle the task.

At the same time, we at SOCAP are convening a similar session in June in Manhattan to see what it will take to integrate impact investing with Wall Street at scale. The Good Capital Project is a two year online mapping project that will convene again at SOCAP in San Francisco in October, and on other event platforms as the participants require. Neither group knows the other; SOCAP’s secret sauce is bringing the people out of their tents at the oasis; valuable strangers discovering they can be unlikely allies. This is right up our alley.


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