This is where I got to at the end of using Instagramed white board thoughts followed by a twitter storm: Ejido Verde: regenerative supply chain, in a place the women made safe, that creates massive community wealth.

And this is how I got there, from earliest white board thoughts on the story elements, posted on instagram

Working on the Ejido Verde story @ Everbear Farm

It’s got a regenerative supply chain. This is a first: Indigenous ownership of a renewable resource used in a commodity supply chain without the expense of building a brand and extracting a premium, as with chocolate, quinoa, as we had to do with Alter Eco.

Ejido Verde story streams; we have too many @ Everbear Farm

To the corporates and B Corps, defining a regenerative supply chain

To gender lens investors: Dona Chepa made it safe to plant resin orchards for the community to do business at scale.

The social enterprise, business creating justice story:12,000 jobs created, with wages going up 5x over the existing subsistence farming, the indigenous Patamban community of 6,000 people earning $48 million USD over 30 years.

The ecosystem services/climate change mitigation story.

The Ejido Verde twitter storm came next; a public exploration seeing if we could focus mostly on the supply chain, with a Sustainable Brands audience audience.

First tweet: Ejido Verde is reducing climate change with a regenerative supply chain. @neighborecon international

Second: Ejido Verde’s story resonates w greening supply chain. Corporates &B Corps. There is no other industrial commodity supply chain like this.

Third :The regenerative, community wealth creating supply chain story may be the one for Ejido Verde. I’m going2 act like it is.

Fourth, to Koann: We need 2 talk about Ejido Verde. You haven’t seen a supply chain like this.#ShaunPaul

Fifth: Then came the one tweet that go a retweet where Iused all three elements: Regenerative supply chain, in a place the women made safe, that creates massive community wealth.

Sixth: Reflecting on the process; it tuns out I can’t just talk about Ejido Verde’s regenerative supply chain.